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{{image class="center" url="images/magisk/logo192x192.png" alt="Magisk logo" title="Welcome to the all-in-one Magisk guide"}}======@@**{{color text="Magisk and MagiskHide Installation and Troubleshooting guide" c="blue"}}**@@======

@@//{{color text="Updated for Magisk v23.0(23000)" c="green"}}//
**I am no longer involved in the Android modding scene and haven't been for some time. I don't have the energy or will to take it up again... This guide will no longer be updated.

If anyone feels like taking over, give me a holler.

So long and thanks for all the fish.**@@

>>===**What’s this?**===
This is a collection of guides and troubleshooting tips and tricks for installing [[Magisk | Magisk]] and Magisk modules, and getting MagiskHide to work. Some of these tips might work if you have problems, some of them won’t.

This is mainly collected from the different threads in the [[ | Magisk forum @ XDA Developers]].

Check out the index to the left to see if you find a section that fits your issue. You can also use the [[TextSearch | search function]] to try to find what you're looking for.

===**Have a suggestion?**===
This wiki is not open for editing. If you have something to add (or correct), please do so by sending me a [[ | PM]] over at [[ | XDA Developers]].

As Magisk evolves, so does this guide. It might pay to check in from time to time if you have issues. Especially after any major updates to Magisk.

If you are experiencing issues, please take a few minutes to browse through this guide. There's a lot of text and articles, yes, but a lot of the most common issues are covered by this guide. If you can't get Magisk to work on your device, chances are pretty good you'll find the answer here, or at least get you pointed in the right direction.

//The risk of causing damage to your system or device with Magisk is quite low. But, of course, nothing is foolproof. Always make sure you have a backup and a way back if something goes wrong! Neither I nor anyone else is responsible for what __you__ do to __your__ device.//>>{{include page="MagiskIndex"}}
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