Asking for help/reporting bugs

Asking for help

If you can't fix the problem yourself, start by looking in the support thread where you might find that someone else have had this problem as well. Search for your device and/or problem. If you can't find anything (it's a big thread), search again. If you still can’t find anything, provide as much information as possible (in the support thread). For example:

Reporting a bug

When reporting a bug, make sure you have the latest Canary bleeding edge build installed on your device. Otherwise any bug you're reporting may already be fixed upstream. It will also have much more detailed logging enabled (see below).

All bug reports should be made on the the Magisk Github repo. The same tips that are outlined above apply.


But what if I can't get logs?
Most of the time you can get some kind of log showing what is going on. Keep reading below to see what tools you have at your disposal.

But, if you really cannot get hold of any logs at least try to give as detailed instructions as possible on how to reliably reproduce the issue.

Which log?
Certain issues require different kinds of logs. Here's a list of examples (see further down for details on how to acquire the logs in question), but it's far from a complete list and only meant as an example of what logs may be useful:

Get the log

Verbose logging
When reporting about issues and bugs, it's useful to have more verbose logging. To get the most information possible, make sure to install the Canary bleeding edge build. It has debug logging active and will show much more useful information. The log is then saved just as the normal Magisk log, described above. When reporting about Magisk bugs, this is a requirement.

The Magisk log is empty

If your Magisk log is empty, it's likely that you have Android logging disabled. Try enabling it.

Could also mean it's faulty somehow. Try grabbing a logcat and see what happens (see above).

It might also be that your kernel/ROM wipes the /cache directory during boot, thus removing the log. See here for details.
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