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Asking for help/reporting bugs

Asking for help

If you can't fix the problem yourself, start by looking in the support thread where you might find that someone else have had this problem as well. Search for your device and/or problem. If you can't find anything (it's a big thread), search again. If you still can’t find anything, provide as much information as possible (in the support thread). For example:


Relevant logs may include:

The Magisk log is empty

If your Magisk log is empty, it's likely that you have Android logging disabled. Try enabling it.

If you're here because MagiskHide, SafetyNet, Google Pay, etc, isn't working. This is why... Android logging need to be enabled for MagiskHide to work (also see "Requirements").

It might also be that your kernel/ROM wipes the /cache directory during boot, thus removing the log. See here for details.
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