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=====**{{color text="Basics" c="blue"}}**=====

===**Where to start**===
It’s always a good idea to read through, at least, the [[ | release thread]] for information about what Magisk is and how to get MagiskHide working. Other useful information can be found in the official [[ | Magisk Documentation]] over on [[ | GitHub]] and the [[ | support thread]].

- Enabled MagiskHide (from Magisk v20.4 it is disabled by default).
- A Linux kernel version of {{color text="at least version 3.8" c="red"}} or a kernel that has the necessary features (mount namespace) backported. For kernels lacking this feature, the relevant patches are: set CONFIG_NAMESPACES=y in defconfig, and apply [[ | this patch]]. More info in this article: [[ | Namespace file descriptors]].

===**Magisk can hide**===
- Magisk and most modules (it depends on what the module does).
- ""MagiskSU"".
- Unlocked bootloader on device not using hardware backed key attestation (also see under //"Magisk can __not__ hide"//).
- Permissive SELinux (most of the time. There have been reports that a permissive SELinux triggers ""SafetyNet"" even with MagiskHide enabled). But, just don't keep SELinux permissive... It's never a good idea.
- Some prop values //(see [[MagiskHideMore | "Sensitive props"]])//.
- The Magisk app (separate option in the app settings).

===**Magisk can __not__ hide**===
- Other known root apps //(see [[MagiskHideMore | "Detecting apps requiring root"]])//.
- Remnants of previous root method, including any root management apps (a good way to remove most remnants of root is [[ | osm0sis]] [[ | unSU script]]).
- Files and folders on your device (TWRP, Titanium Backup, etc, see //[[MagiskHideHidingRoot | Files on the internal storage]]//).
- Unlocked bootloader on devices using hardware based key attestation (see //[[MagiskHideSafetyNet | Unlocked bootloader]]//).
- A tripped Samsung Knox counter.
- Xposed (deactivate it or uninstall). {{color text="It doesn't matter if it's systemless, Magisk can't hide it" c="red"}}.
- ""EdXposed"". Detection of ""EdXposed"" can sometimes be worked around with newer release of ""EdXposed"" and/or features like the ""EdXposed"" Manager blacklist.
- USB/ADB Debugging (disable under Developer options in Android settings).
- Developer options.
- Some Magisk modules - Depending on what the module does, it may not be able to be hidden by MagiskHide.
- Some modifications to /system. Make sure to use Magisk modules so that any modifcations you do are systemless...

Make sure that your device conforms to the above requirements before continuing.
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