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=====**{{color text="MagiskHide Issues" c="blue"}}**=====

===**Test ""MagiskHide""**===
First thing to do is to toggle MagiskHide off and on again (a reboot might also be necessary). Sometimes MagiskHide stops working temporarily after an update of Magisk or the Magisk app. If it still doesn't work, make sure MagiskHide is actually working by using a root checker or a root app. Start by making sure the app can detect that your device is rooted. After that, add the app to the Hide list and see if it no longer can detect root. If that is the case, MagiskHide is working on your device. If you still can't get it to work, see [[MagiskHideHelp | "Asking for help/reporting bugs"]].

===**""MagiskHide"" fails after an update**===
If MagiskHide starts failing after an update to either Magisk, the app or both it's usually fixed by toggling MagiskHide off and on //(see ”Test ""MagiskHide"" above”)//.

===**""MagiskHide"" fails after rebooting**===
On some devices MagiskHide can't seem to stay enabled across a reboot. It will look like it is enabled, but the service isn't actually running. The solution is to toggle MagiskHide off and on again after rebooting. This can become tedious, so it's better to create a [[ | late_start service boot script]] (service.d) that can do it for you. Something like this:
while [ "$(getprop sys.boot_completed)" == 0 ]
sleep 1
magiskhide disable
magiskhide enable%%

===**""MagiskHide"" doesnt show in the Magisk app**===
Your device’s kernel probably doesn’t have support for mount namespace //(see ”Mount namespace issues” below)//.

===**""MagiskHide"" isn't working**===
If you can’t get MagiskHide to work, either for ""SafetyNet"" or any other app detecting root, there are a few things you can try. Start by testing if MagiskHide actually works //(see "Test ""MagiskHide""" above)//.

===**Starting ""MagiskHide"" manually**===
If you have MagiskHide enabled it should start automatically on boot. If it isn’t working, try toggling MagiskHide off and on in the app settings. If MagiskHide just won't start when toggling it in the Magisk app (check the Magisk log, it might have started but the app doesn't reflect it), try starting it manually. This can be done in a terminal emulator (as su) by executing the following commands:
magiskhide disable
magiskhide enable%%

===**Mount namespace issues**===
If you see this line in the Magisk log //(see [[MagiskHideHelp | "Asking for help/reporting bugs"]])//: "proc_monitor: Your kernel doesn't support mount namespace", your device has a Linux kernel that is to old. The Linux kernel version has to be at least 3.8 (thank you [[ | TheCech12]]), or otherwise have the necessary features backported. It is possible to patch the kernel //(see [[MagiskHideBasics | "MagiskHide Requirements"]])//. Also, it might be a good idea to ask in your ROM/kernel thread or try a different ROM and/or kernel.

===**I still can't get ""MagiskHide"" to work**===
Take a look at the rest of the guide, there are more things to try in different sections. For example [[MagiskHideMore | More hiding tips]], [[MagiskOther | Other things to try]], [[MagiskHelp | Asking for help/reporting bugs]] and other parts.
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