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Other things to try

Starting fresh

If you've been trying a lot of things and can't get Magisk to work properly it can be a good idea to start fresh. Start by uninstalling Magisk, flashing a clean boot image and installing Magisk again. If that doesn't work you could try wiping your device and starting out completely clean.

Older versions of Magisk

It is possible that an older version of Magisk may work if the latest does not. This is a last resort and should be considered unsupported. If the latest version of Magisk doesn’t work, but an earlier version does, please help fixing the issue by reporting it with all the necessary details (also see "Asking for help/reporting bugs").

Installation files for earlier releases of Magisk can be found on GitHub. If you need other versions, not available for download, the source code for these can be found in the same place, along with instructions on how to build Magisk.

Please note that there’s no guarantee that an older version of Magisk will work with the current Magisk Manager. Compatible apk's can be found inside the Magisk zip and all Manager releases can be found on GitHub.

Nothing works!

If nothing works and you just can't get Magisk to install/function properly on your device, check the troubleshooting section in the release thread for instructions on how to help topjohnwu fix any compatibility issues with your device. The best thing you can do if Magisk isn't compatible with your device is to provide as much details as possible and upload logs (recovery log, Magisk log, logcat, whatever is applicable) and a copy of your boot image in the release thread (also see "Asking for help/reporting bugs").

If you're using an older release of Magisk, take a look at the Outdated tips and tricks. There might be something in there that applies to you.

Beta releases

It's also possible that whatever problem you're facing has been fixed in code, but not yet released. For this you have two options. The official beta and the unofficial beta snapshots (here's a direct link to the unofficial builds by kantjer).

The official beta is for topjohnwu to test the release before it goes out to the masses. Read the OP carefully and follow any directions given. When reporting things about the beta, provide the necessary details and logs for whatever issue you're facing. Please don't spam the thread with "useless" posts...

If you're feeling brave you can try the unofficial beta snapshots (direct link to the unofficial builds by kantjer). It's built directly from source and can sometimes be unusable. Keep an eye on the thread for current issues.
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