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Root issues

<insert app name here> can’t detect root

Some apps may have troubles detecting root when using Magisk. Usually this means the app in question is looking for root in a specific location and needs to be updated to work with MagiskSU or otherwise can’t detect MagiskSU.

You can try symlinking the su binary to the location where the troublesome app is looking for it. Here’s an example on how to do this in terminal:
ln -s /sbin/su /system/xbin/su

Please note that doing this might have the effect of MagiskHide not being able to hide root.

Tasker and MagiskSU

Any version before Tasker v5.0 will have issues detecting MagiskSU. If you by any chance feel that you cannot update to v5+, you can use this Magisk module to enable Tasker root support. Reportedly, Secure Settings will also function with MagiskSU thanks to this module.

Another way is to use “Run Shell” in Tasker and use shell commands to do what you want, prefaced by “/sbin/su -c”. Example (copy a new host file to Magisk):
/sbin/su -c cp /sdcard/hosts /magisk/.core/hosts

If the command doesn’t work, try putting quotation marks around the command, like so:
/sbin/su -c "cp /sdcard/hosts /magisk/.core/hosts”

If you’re using Tasker v5+ and it still can’t detect that your rooted with MagiskSU, it’s probably because you’ve hidden the Magisk Manager. Tasker looks for the Magisk Manager and uses this to know if you’re rooted or not. When the Manager is hidden, Tasker can’t find it and doesn’t know that your device is rooted. Use the “su -c” workaround mentioned above.

Randomly losing root

Some devices seem to have issues with memory management where the Magisk Manager will not be kept in memory and as a result root management is lost. This can sometimes be fixed by clearing the Manager from memory (swipe it away from recent apps list) and opening it again. Make sure the Manager is removed from any battery optimisation.

If you can't find any way to get around this issue, try to capture a logcat of it actually happening (also see "Asking for help/reporting bugs") and post that together with a detail description in the general support thread. This is a recurring issue for some users and so far there have been very few useful logs provided.
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