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===**How to uninstall**===
If you somehow need to uninstall Magisk you have two options:
- Uninstall from the Manager.
- Flash the uninstall zip in recovery.

==**Magisk Manager**==
When booted to Android you can use the Magisk Manager to uninstall. Press //Uninstall// - //Complete Uninstall//. The Manager will download and run the uninstall script, uninstall itself, and then reboot. The stock boot image will be restored and all Magisk related files will be removed from your device. Be careful when using this option. As an example: if you have used Magisk to disable forced encryption and decrypted your device, that will now be enabled again and your device will encrypt when rebooting.

When booted to a custom recovery, you can use the uninstall zip to uninstall Magisk. It uses the same uninstall script as mentioned above.

If experiencing issues, take a look at [[MagiskUninstallIssues | Uninstall Issues]].

Note that with an update to Magisk, the Uninstall zip may also have been updated. //Always keep the latest version on your device.//
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