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How to uninstall

If you somehow need to uninstall Magisk you have two options:

When booted to Android you can use the Magisk Manager to uninstall. Press Uninstall - Complete Uninstall. The Manager places a script in /cache ( and uninstall itself. The next time you reboot the script will attempt to restore the stock boot image and remove all Magisk related files.

When booted to a custom recovery, you can use the uninstall zip to uninstall Magisk. It uses the same uninstall script as mentioned above.

If experiencing issues, take a look at Uninstall Issues.

Uninstall the Magisk Manager

When uninstalling the Magisk Manager, it is best to use the in-app feature. Press Uninstall - Uninstall App. This will do a proper cleanup of any Manager related files.
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