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=====**{{color text="Uninstall Issues" c="blue"}}**=====

===**Bootloop after uninstalling**===
Experiencing a bootloop after [[MagiskUninstall | uninstalling Magisk]], either through the app or with the apk renamed to and flashed through recovery, might mean that the boot image hasn't been restored correctly or that dm-verity otherwise triggers.

Try one of the following:
- Restore your stock boot image (there's a copy of it stored in /data, named //stock_boot_<sha1>.img.gz//).
- Flash a [[ | no-verity zip]] directly after uninstalling Magisk/restoring your stock boot image.
- Dirty flash your ROM/factory image/firmware package.
- Clean flash your ROM/factory image/firmware package.

===**Uninstall zip doesn't work**===
If the [[ | uninstall zip]] doesn't work (reports an error, TWRP can't mount/decrypt /data, etc), first try rebooting TWRP. If that doesn't fix things, try booting back into Android and use the [[MagiskUninstall | Magisk app to uninstall]]. If you can't boot, try enabling Safe Mode (in case it's a Magisk module causing issues), see [[MagiskModuleIssues | Disable all modules]] under //[[MagiskModuleIssues | Module causing issues]]//.

It's also possible that a previous version of the uninstaller works, if the current one doesn't. You'll find earlier releases on [[ | GitHub]].

Lastly, if nothing else works, restore a stock boot image for your device/ROM and see if the device boots (you might have to dirty flash your ROM). If the device boots, try installing Magisk again. The boot image backup might have been corrupted/be incompatible with the current uninstaller. After this you might be able to use the uninstaller to remove all traces of Magisk.
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