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Uninstall Issues

Bootloop after uninstalling

Experiencing a bootloop after uninstalling Magisk, either through the Manager or with the uninstall zip, might mean that the boot image hasn't been restored correctly or that dm-verity otherwise triggers.

Try one of the following:

Uninstall zip doesn't work

If the uninstall zip doesn't work (reports an error, TWRP can't mount/decrypt /data, etc), try booting back into Android and use the Manager to uninstall. If you can't boot, either try enabling Core Only Mode (it it's a Magisk module causing issues), or place the uninstall script in /cache manually (see below).

Manually placing the uninstall script

If you can't boot your device and the uninstaller zip doesn't work, you can still uninstall Magisk by placing the uninstall script manually in /cache. Download the uninstall zip and extract the file. Place this file in /cache (ADB push, MTP, etc), reboot and Magisk will be uninstalled. If the device doesn't boot, see Bootloop after uninstalling above.
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