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If there's an update to Magisk, you'll get a notification from the Magisk Manager (if you haven't turned it off, that is). You can update through the Manager or download the Magisk zip from the release thread or in the Manager, and flash in recovery. Make sure to read the release notes and the changelog, both can be found in the release thread. Any modules you have installed may have to be updated to conform with possible changes to Magisk.

Unsupported Magisk version

After updating the Magisk Manager you might get a message that the updated Manager doesn't support your installed version of Magisk. Herre you have two options z both involving manually upgrading Magisk to a supported version. Download the Magisk zip and flash it from TWRP, or downgrade the Manager that supports your current Magisk version and flash the zip from the Modules section of the Manager. This is done exactly like when installing a Magisk Module manually, by clicking the "+" button and selecting the zip.

Updating issues

If you're having problems updating to a newer version, start by disabling your modules, in case one or more of them are causing issues. This is easiest done by enabling Core Only Mode (see Disable all modules under Module causing issues). You can also try to uninstall Magisk and start over with a clean installation of the new Magisk version.

MagiskHide or SafetyNet fails after an update

If MagiskHide or SafetyNet starts failing after an update to either Magisk, the Manager or both it's usually fixed by toggling MagiskHide off and on (also see ”Test MagiskHide”).

Magisk not installed

Updating from v18.0 to v18.1+

When updating Magisk there might sometimes be issues related to the Magisk Manager, where the Manager might report that Magisk isn't installed. If you have the Manager hidden/repackaged you might end up with two Managers installed, etc.

The solution is usually to uninstall the Manager (or both if that's the case) and install it fresh. If the Manager can't be reinstalled you might have to do some manual work to get things working. Take a look under "Can't install the Magisk Manager" for details.
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