Magisk Manager Issues

Can't install the Magisk Manager

If the Magisk Manager doesn't get installed when you flash the Magisk zip, or that you're trying to install the apk manually and it doesn't work, you might first have to remove remnants of an old installation. This can be done through ADB. Start by uninstalling any currently installed Manager (especially if it's repackaged with a random package name) and then just run the following command from ADB Shell and you should be good to go:
adb uninstall com.topjohnwu.magisk

Problem parsing the package

"There was a problem while parsing the package". If you see this message while trying to update the Manager and the Manager is hidden, go to the app settings and choose to "Restore Magisk Manager". The new Manager release will be downloaded and installed with the regular package name and you'll just have to rehide the Manager again afterwards.

If you don't have the Manager hidden, but still see this message, try clearing the app cache, or if that doesn't work uninstalling the Manager and reinstalling it again (you'll find the apk on GitHub or in the /common directory of the Magisk installation zip).

Clearing cache and data

If there are issues with the Magisk Manager, it's often a good idea to clear data for the app. All your granted superuser requests and apps added to the MagiskHide list will still be intact (since they're saved elsewhere).

Latest show "N/A"

If the information for the latest available Magisk or Manager just show N/A you either do not have internet access (or you have something blocking internet access for the Manager), or you might have an invalid link set for the custom update channel in the Manager settings. This could be, for example, caused by the links to the Canary channel json file has changed.

Tip: Instead of putting the link to the Canary channels in a custom update channel, simply download the Canary Manager from the GitHub and pick the Canary update channel of your choice in the settings. That way you won't have to keep track on if and when topjohnwu changes the link.

Magisk Manager crashes/freezes

If you're having issues with the Magisk Manager force closing/crashing/freezing at any point, clear data for the Manager or uninstall it and install it again.

The Manager crashing might also be caused by using a theme engine to theme the Manager (Substratum, etc). Disable it and reapply after an update to the Manager.

Magisk Manager installed to external/adoptable storage
Installing the Magisk Manager to an external or adoptable storage is known to cause issues. Reinstall it to the internal storage.

Magisk Manager as a system app
Another reported reason for the Manager crashing is if you've for some reason added the Magisk Manager as a system app. If this is the case try de-systemising to see if that fixes the issue.

Trying to install modules in the Modules tab
If the Manager crashes when pressing the "Install from storage" button in the Modules window, it's likely caused by your ROM not having a file explorer installed. Install one from F-Droid or the Play Store.

Cant' fix
If there still are issues, capture a logcat from the crash/freeze and post it in the support thread or as an issue on GitHub (just make sure to do it properly), with a detailed description of the problem (also see "Asking for help/reporting bugs").

There are two Magisk Managers

If there suddenly are two Magisk Managers in your app drawer, this might be caused by somehow installing a new Manager while having the old one repackaged (hidden) with a random package name. It can happen when updating Magisk, and usually if you install the Manager apk manually, or if you use the Magisk zip in recovery while having a repackaged Manager installed. Also, the uninstaller zip cannot uninstall the repackaged Manager (since it doesn't know the random package name), and you'll have to uninstall the old Manager manually. Or something else... If the duplicate Manager doesn't disappear (it'll be uninstalled by the "real"Manager) after you open the one named just "Manager" (or whatever name you've picked), the best thing is probably just to uninstall both and install the Manager again (apk can be found on GitHub or in the Magisk zip's common folder). Aldo see "Can't hide the Magisk Manager" below.

It's also possible that you'll get two Managers installed when trying to hide (repackage) the Manager. If you have made the Manager a system app, or the ROM you're using has the Manager pre-installed as a system app, the repackaging feature can't uninstall the old Manager (because it's a system app) after having installed the new one with a random package name (the Manager might get stuck on "Hiding it now"). Remove the Manager from /system/app or /system/priv-app (depending on where you or the ROM creator have placed it). If the app comes pre-installed as a system app, please let your ROM creator know that it's a bad idea to include the Manager like this.

If your ROM doesn't come with the Magisk Manager installed as a system app, or you haven't made the Manager into a system app, if disabling Play Protect doesn't help, or if the Manager can't be hidden/repackaged at all, please provide details and logs (see "Asking for help/reporting bugs").

Can't hide the Magisk Manager

First thing to try is to temporarily disable Play Protect in the Play Store. From v7.4.0 the Manager uses a stub apk to hide fully on Android 9+ systems. This sometimes triggers Play Protect which will silently block the install, and you'll just get a "Hide Magisk Manager failed" message. On some devices this might be caused by SELinux issues, so if the above doesn't work, try changing SELinux to permissive when you hide the Manager.

If you have a Xiaomi device and MIUI, you might have to turn on "Install via USB" in Developer options before trying to hide the Manager.

Can't restore the Magisk Manager

If you can't restore the Magisk Manager, either that it gives an error or nothing happens at all, the easiest way is to simply uninstall the hidden/repackaged Manager and install the apk manually. The latest stable Manager apk can always be found on GitHub.

It might be necessary to remove any remnants of old installs through ADB before the Manager can install again (see "Can't instll the Magisk Manager" above).

Updates doesn't show up for modules

It's very likely that nothing is actually wrong. Take a look at "A module has been updated but doesn't show up in the Manager" for details.
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