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Magisk Manager Issues

Magisk Manager crashes/freezes

If you're having issues with the Magisk Manager force closing/crashing/freezing at any point, clear data for the Manager or uninstall it and install it again. Uninstall the Manager by clicking on the “Uninstall” button in the Manager and choosing “Uninstall App”. This way all Manager related files will be removed.

The Manager crashing might also be caused by using a theme engine to theme the Manager (Substratum, etc). Disable it and reapply after an update to the Manager.

Another reported reason for the Manager crashing is if you've for some reason added the Magisk Manager as a system app. Try de-systemising it and see if that fixes the issue.

If there still are issues, capture a logcat from the crash/freeze and post it in the support thread, with a detailed description of the problem (also see "Asking for help/reporting bugs").

There are two Magisk Managers

If there suddenly are two Magisk Managers in your app drawer, this might be caused by somehow installing a new Manager while having the old one repackaged (hidden) with a random package name. It happens if you install the Manager apk manually, or if you use the uninstaller zip in recovery while having a repackaged Manager installed, and then flashing a new Magisk zip. The uninstaller zip cannot uninstall the repackaged Manager (since it doesn't know the random package name), and you'll have to uninstall the old Manager manually.

Can't hide the Magisk Manager

It's also possible that you'll get two Managers installed when trying to hide (repackage) the Manager. If you have made the Manager a system app, or the ROM you're using has the Manager pre-installed as a system app, the repackaging feature can't uninstall the old Manager (because it's a system app) after having installed the new one with a random package name. Remove the Manager from /system/app or /system/priv-app (depending on where you or the ROM creator have placed it). If the app comes pre-installed as a system app, please let your ROM creator know that it's a bad idea to include the Manager like this.
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