Magisk - Installation and troubleshooting

magisk_daemon -post-fs use a lot of CPU

Magisk v16+ checks if logging is enabled before starting the daemon
If you suddenly start experiencing high CPU usage and see that a process named magisk_daemon -post-fs is using a lot of your CPU, it's probably caused by having disabled Android logging with an app like Kernel Adiutor or by some other process. Enable logging again and the issue should disappear.

MagiskSU doesn’t remember superuser

This has been fixed as of Magisk v16.0 and Manager v5.6.1
Some devices have issues with the superuser database. You’ll probably see error lines in the log about sqlite3. It’s possible that this could be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the Manager. Do this from within the Manager by pressing “Uninstall” and then “Uninstall App”. If that doesn’t work, use the latest Magisk uninstall zip or do a comlete uninstall through the Manager (“Uninstall” -> “Complete Uninstall”). If it still doesn’t work, provide logs… (also see "Asking for help/reporting bugs").

MagiskSU doesn’t work

This has been fixed as of Magisk v16.0 and Manager v5.6.1
If superuser access doesn’t work, there are probably issues with the superuser db (also see “MagiskSU doesn’t remember superuser access” above). One of these issues might be a faulty implementation of f2fs. See “Issues with f2fs”.

Magisk but no MagiskSU

This no longer seems to be an issue on Magisk v15+.
There have been a few reports of devices/ROMs where Magisk gets installed properly, but MagiskSU fails to install. This might have to do with your device/ROM not letting Magisk symlink the required binaries and files to /sbin. See the release thread for known issues. If you know of a solution that's not listed, here or in the release thread, please let me know and I'll add it.

Can't reboot after installing modules

If you have updated Magisk from v13.3 and Magisk Manager v5.1.1 you might come across this issue. The solution is to clear data for the Magisk Manager (busybox integration has been updated and needs to be reloaded).

Long boot time

Magisk v15+ no longer produces the debug log in the same way as before.
If your device get stuck on the splash screen for a minute or so, it might mean that the magisk daemon have crashed or that there is some SELinux issue. If it is the case that the magisk daemon crashed, the Magisk debug logging during boot will never finish, even after the device has booted. This will eventually cause the debug log to eat up all your storage space! Take a look in /data and see if the file magisk_debug.log is very large and growing. Save the log and report the issue. Try rebooting to see if this fixes things, otherwise you'll probably need to uninstall Magisk and wait for a fix. Also see "Nothing works".

Randomly losing root

Busybox is no longer bundled with Magisk since v13.1.
Some devices and/or ROMs (known: Lineage OS) have issues with losing root when using MagiskSU. This can sometimes be fixed by disabling busybox in Magisk Manager settings. Some users have also reported success by disabling systemless hosts instead/as well.
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