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===**magisk_daemon -post-fs use a lot of CPU**===
**//Magisk v16+ checks if logging is enabled before starting the daemon//**
If you suddenly start experiencing high CPU usage and see that a process named magisk_daemon -post-fs is using a lot of your CPU, it's probably caused by having disabled Android logging with an app like Kernel Adiutor or by some other process. Enable logging again and the issue should disappear.

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===**""MagiskSU"" doesn’t remember superuser **===
**//This has been fixed as of Magisk v16.0 and Manager v5.6.1//**
Some devices have issues with the superuser database. You’ll probably see error lines in the log about sqlite3. It’s possible that this could be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the Manager. Do this from within the Manager by pressing “Uninstall” and then “Uninstall App”. If that doesn’t work, use the latest [[ | Magisk uninstall zip]] or do a comlete uninstall through the Manager //(“Uninstall” -> “Complete Uninstall”)//. If it still doesn’t work, provide logs… //(also see [[MagiskHelp | "Asking for help/reporting bugs"]])//.
===**""MagiskSU"" doesn’t work**===
**//This has been fixed as of Magisk v16.0 and Manager v5.6.1//**
If superuser access doesn’t work, there are probably issues with the superuser db //(also see “MagiskSU doesn’t remember superuser access” above)//. One of these issues might be a faulty implementation of f2fs. //See [[MagiskIssues | “Issues with f2fs”]]//.

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